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     Don't just love us for our good looks and charm, we anglers can be some of the most innovative people you will find. What may look like junk to the average person can be transformed into an angler's treasure. Be it a totally new concept, a modification, or a do-it-yourself project, with a good imagination there are no limits to the fishing contraptions that can be made.


     Anglers see things differently; they recognize a need and create a solution. Some of the solutions are due purely to economics–the “I can do that cheaper” people–and some are invented for unique fishing situations. Discarded paint buckets, milk crates, grocery carts and watercraft are just a few examples of everyday items that are at a premium for these fishing "Einsteins".


     As children are to Legos, angler inventors are to PVC. Anything from fishing rod holders and equipment carts to kayak caddies, the uses of PVC are unlimited. Paint buckets are another big ticket item; they can be transformed into bait aeration systems of all sizes. Milk crates can morph into storage systems and carts converted into equipment caddies. There are anglers that will up-cycle any old, used item, giving it a completely new purpose.


     Walk down any pier or beach where people are fishing and you’re bound to see these innovations. These gizmos and gadgets are not only functional, they are their creator’s pride and joy. These masterpieces are great conversation starters and also churn the competitive fires. An angler sees one idea and is bound and determined to make something bigger and better.


     With the large corporate stores cornering the fishing equipment market and the majority of goods made abroad, it’s refreshing to see these fantastic, functional innovations. Anglers are not only willing to show off their creations, they are more than happy to share their ideas. The next time you see an angler with a unique apparatus, give them some props. This is just one of the things that sets us apart from other sportsman and hobbyists.


Photo Credit:  Corey Allman, Paul Presson, Keith Queirolo


Published by Guy Harvey The Online Fisherman April 2016

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