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Honeymoon Island Meet & Greet

We came back bigger and stronger for our second signature event. This time we met at beautiful Honeymoon Island. We came back with more than double the turnout with 200 members! The event was a smashing success as we covered even more bases this time around. 

Parker Rabow, with Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp, came out and threw a tremendous all day fishing workshop for the kids. This was a great way to help spread our love for fishing to the younger generation. There was an excellent format for our speakers of the day which included Scott Sebor's follow up inshore grouper seminar, Dylan Hubbard with an offshore fishing seminar, and Kelly Phillips owner of Bull Bay Rods spoke about rod selection.

The raffle was larger and far more generous from our sponsors. Prizes included: a trip to the keys with charter service, several local offshore charters, Ron Woods fish art, and a gyotaku fish rub. 

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