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Our Addiction


        Addiction may seem like a strong term, however, in many cases it doesn't even begin to describe our behavior. There are no gateway substances that lead us down this path. It's a distraction of enormous magnitude that affects every facet of our lives. Relationships break-up, financial irresponsibility begins, friendships erode, all of this for that wonderful, primal, feeling. The effects are obvious, our sleeping patterns change, and we are tired and lethargic between fixes.. We buy and trade paraphernalia needed to support our habit, Many times when we know that the money can be spent on “wiser” things, we just can't help ourselves.


      The problem with our addiction is that there are no criminal offenses that can be charged. We are not hanging out in alleys saying “hey man, how much for that Power Pro”. Our equipment needed to support our habit is legal. Not only is it legal, it is everywhere. All you have to do is go a few miles, it may be lower quality “stuff”, but the price is right. Or, we can go to higher quality dealers and get some of the best “stuff” in the world.


      There are many others in the same situation, we have telltale wounds on our hands and feet that cannot be denied. Somehow are vocabulary has changed and is foreign to our long time friends and family. We begin to wear new “colors”, these colors signify large or small groups sharing this problem. The worse thing about this obsession, it is something that will only grow stronger when we grow older. There are no rehabilitation centers for this dependence. No specially trained psychologists to assist with the problem Cold turkey is out of the question and the thought of weaning ones-self off is just too painful.


All we can do until a “cure” is discovered, is FISH-ON!


Published by Guy Harvey’s The Online Fisherman April 2016

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