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Reasons Anglers Get Yelled At:


      We take the "primary" car for a fishing trip. After the mission is complete, all of our gear is meticulously cleaned and stored in the trunk. Somehow that one shrimp gets caught in the hinge of our bait bucket and bakes for days in the heat.



     We are just too tired to cuddle and chat with our spouses in the evening. But, we can always manage to be up like a shot at 3:30 A.M. if there is fishing involved.



      It pains us greatly to see that $189.00 grocery bill. But, it is nothing to drop $350.00 on that "desperately" needed, new rod and reel!



      A "planned" date night that coincides with a next day fishing trip will more than likely be the shortest date on record!



     You are so exhausted from that fishing trip, you see nothing wrong with jumping into those clean sheets and going to bed without a shower.



     You can damn near cut off a toe on an oyster bed and continue to fish for hours. If you get the equivalent of a paper cut doing your chores at home, you're done for the day!



Published by: Woods N Water Magazine September 2016 edition 

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