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The Lure That's Not In Your Tackle Box

My fishing mentor, Scott Sebor, used to hide his coveted lures from other fishermen at our favorite bridge spots. He would take his favorite flair hawk (years ago before they were all the rage) and carry it within a closed fist so that he kept an edge over the other fisherman. We were yanking on gags, tarpon, and snook with them and no one was ever the wiser. I don't blame him for keeping it a secret. He literally had years of luck before the flair hawks became so commonly used.

However, the lure that has been my go-to I have shared with the fishing community. Anytime someone on TBFC asked the group what their favorite lure is, I tell them the Storm ThinFin. This lure will literally entice just about any fish in both salt and freshwater. Despite its overwhelming success rate, I doubt many have followed my advice and given the ThinFin a shot. Perhaps it's because they cannot be found at any local retail locations. Maybe it's because it's a shot in the dark for people. Whatever the case may be, I have enjoyed these all to myself for about 10 years now.

Now that you've decided that you're going to give it a go, let's discuss a bit about what the lure does well and not so well.


  • This lure has great action. It displays a light to medium "flutter" depending on retrieval speed

  • Has MANY different color options. (even though it doesn't matter. Fish will strike it in any color)

  • Comes in 2.5" and 3".

  • It is relatively inexpensive


  • Lure is very light and is difficult to cast into the wind

  • Isn't available locally

  • Only dives to about 3'

The link to find them on Amazon is here. Share your experiences with the ThinFin on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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