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Time For a “Cool Change”



      When you spend a large majority of your time researching and absorbing fishing information, it's a sign. When hours are spent arranging and rearranging your gear, it's a sign. When you are in a tackle shop and you become “child like”, it's a sign. These indicators point to the fact that your life has forever changed. This may be something that takes hold gradually or engulfs you immediately.


You have now joined a club, a like minded, tight knit group. This strange breed of people enjoy bickering amongst themselves, but mess with their true joy and they will collectively take a stand. These brothers and sisters will display selfless acts for each other. Preservation is paramount for this group to survive.


Your life has changed, all of your spare time is consumed by those “creatures”, we call fish, there is no going back. Your family is clearly affected by this new found love and beware, your financial status has changed forever. To you, there is no doubt, new equipment is better than any other form of currency. Acquaintances met through trips or online forums become your “new” best friends. You now live a life full of anticipation, with very little boredom. Fishing is more than a passion, it's a way of life and a very “Cool Change”.


Photo Credit:  Barb Fernandez


Published by Guy Harvey’s The Online Fisherman May 2016

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