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Wade Fishing


      Why am I here cutting through these mangroves at 6:30 in the morning? Nice, the No-See-Ums are already eating me alive. First step in the water, man this is cold! My feet sink knee high in the muck, and I am only two stinking feet from the shoreline. It feels a lot windier then when I left the house. Oh, good God, I left my pliers in the car....have to go back. On the way out to deeper water, I begin to think, what kind of “sea monsters” are just waiting to get me. I finally reach my destination, I'm chest high in water, are the tides really this high?.....Must have read the chart wrong!.....could I really be any more miserable?


      After 15 minutes or so, “fish on”, it feels small, breaks to the water......dink Trout. Man it's still pretty cold out here. Another 5 minutes go by, another hit......I feel a better fight this time. It's a “runt Red”, too little to keep, but put up a great fight. Wow, feels like this water is warming up a little. The next tug on my rod, and “zing”, there goes my drag screaming with that “shoulder to shoulder” pull, after a ten minute fight, a beauty keeper Red. Put him on the stringer. I can already here that dinner bell.


      It feels like the winds are lying down some. I am no longer having trouble walking in the muck, the bottom firmed up and this is easy. Wait, that is a big hit, I'm glad I switched to a “pin” under a float. This is going to be a battle! After a 15 minute fight and running backwards, so “he” will not get into those mangroves, it's a 32” Snook! My mind is saying ”I am the slayer of fish” there is nothing in this water that will mess with me. I wish I didn't have to go back to the car for the pliers, I could have fished 15 minutes more. This is the most beautiful, glorious day in my life!


Published by Guy Harvey The Online Fisherman Magazine

Republished By Guy Harvey Magazine March 15 2016

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