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Fishing: Bridges the Gap



     The angler mentality is like an exclusive club, like-minded individuals that share the same passion. It makes no difference what color, gender, age, religion, or socioeconomic status you are from, we have that same primal fire. ”Old codgers” are more than happy to share their knowledge with the greenest of green “newbies”. The “newbies” are willing to soak up this education like a sponge.


      We have a “hobby” (way of life) that can cost as little as the price of a used fishing rig and bait, to unimaginable money. Most boating anglers are happy to throw out an invite for a share of the fuel, bait and beer, and after trip clean-up. Who knows, you may find lifelong friends. Individuals that own really old/worn gear can still catch big fish.....with the right knowledge. This education is available through forums, the internet, and clubs. The price is free.


      Fishing is unique and wonderful. You never know who you will meet, Doctors, Lawyers, or even the head elephant trainer at Ringling Brothers Circus. Take advantage of this unique characteristic of the passion we know and love. Fishing: Bridges the Gap


Published by Coastal Angler Magazine February 2017


Photo Credit: Jamie Reed

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