Would You Want This Job?

Help Wanted


Please do not apply for this job unless you meet these minimum qualifications:


1. Willingness to work excessively long hours and weekends are imperative!


2. Must own transportation and all tools necessary for this job.


3. Proper experience and certification demanded, previous internships preferred.


4. Customer service and and scheduling experience are vital.


5. Ability to lift 100 lbs or more for extended periods of time mandatory.


6. Accounting and marketing background are required.


7. Janitorial and maintenance work history are crucial.


8. Professional appearance and friendly disposition demanded.


9. Ability to work with competing outfits essential.


10. Multifaceted knowledge in many skills is a prerequisite.


11. Willingness to lose income incumbent upon weather and other extraneous factors are compulsory.


     Do you have the experience to do this job? Is this your dream job? Well, this is the life that so many of us think we can do with ease.


This is the life of a charter fishing guide!


Paul Presson Copyright September 2016